Another morning practice session

More arpeggios and crossing under with the third finger this morning. I still can’t figure out how to manage to use my fourth fingers, as they are shorter than my index fingers and I have to contort my hands to get them onto the strings. Short fourth fingers are the case for most women though, and women are all over the harp, so it can’t be a stopper. Nevertheless, until I feel a bit more secure (and can think about obtaining a teacher who is open to alternating in-person and Skype lessons, and who is a reasonable drive away), I’m going to not worry about the fourth finger quite yet since it’s stumping me at the moment.

While doing the slow scales crossing under/over on three though, I did realize that I have to stop trying to bring my thumb and index finger together when I move them. They need to stay apart as they naturally are, in order to keep my hand from sort of scrunching up and preventing the normal closing into the palm.

No music yet, although a very, very simplified “Vaga Luna” is probably going to be first on the stack. The tarantelle will have to wait. Once I get my feet more under me though, I will have to practice an Alberti bass, both straight and dotted.