Still practicing in the mornings

Figured out a fingering for “Vaga Luna,” but I’m still so close to the ground that I’m happy to noodle on arpeggios and scales for now. I can’t add in the left hand yet, although I can do just the right hand nicely. Even with the scales and arpeggios though, every time I think I might be able to up the pace a little it blows up, so I’m just going to happily putter away for now without trying to push things.

Important lessons: don’t reach for the strings and then adjust where your fingers are. Reach for them and get it right the first time. Also, think “flipper” for the unused fingers (and the hands in general) — keep them together and not tucked up or flailing around.

Still a nice way to start the day. 🙂

My fingertips are a titch sore when I’m done, but nothing serious. The proximal side of the middle finger is the most sore, but it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to “toughen up” very much. My index fingers and thumbs feel less sore, but also a bit tougher. Might be the handwork that I do.

I think the only real lesson learned from this morning’s practice session is not to rush ahead when I feel progress. I’m too early in, and I need to let progress be slow and soak in. I need to let the foundation cure before I start building the house on top.


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