Foolish ambition

I can’t play it, and it will be forever before I can, but I did work up a nice arpeggio-laden version of “Tu scendi dalle stelle.” 🙂 We’ll see how it feels to do it. That could be a really cute piece for a theme-and-variations approach.

It’s hard to move forward before I’ve managed to suck all the marrow out of the bones of each and every piece, and the problem is … that will take me forever. But I really don’t care which piece I’m working on as long as I’m learning what I need to learn mechanically. All I want to do right now is learn my way around the harp, and if that means I stick with “Vaga Luna” for six months until I learn that very well, as opposed to learning six pieces crappily, I’m okay with that. I’d rather review than forge ahead, and make sure things sink in slowly and deeply.


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