Hm. Not sure about those “50 Carols.”

They’re nice, but they’re all in G Major, and … I have a feeling that I’m going to do what I always do and end up just making my own arrangements.

I recall this book of Christmas carols from around the world all during my childhood, and happily I still have it:


My copy is clearly somewhat knocked around, but one can purchase a new one if one is so inclined. It is a nice collection of all kinds of Christmas carols together with some text about customs in various areas. I played easy carols from it as a child at the piano:


They could be very handily adapted for the harp, and at least they aren’t all in the same key. *mull mull*

I should work up “What Child is This?” actually — “Greensleeves” is apparently like “Für Elise” for the harp, and if anyone knows you play, that’s the first request you get. The problem is, I can’t stand it without that one sharp, which is a pain on a lever harp. We’ll see if I can work it in somehow.


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