Link Collection: Viggianese harp exhibition, Lucanian folk music, Italian luthier spotlights

This is a continually updated list of videos and other links online that showcase southern Italian folk music, concentrating on harp music found in Basilicata. The videos are in Italian, but if you are facile with any Romance language, you can get the jist of most of them, and at any rate, the music and video is entirely absorbing:

The Construction of an arpa popolare by master luthier Massimo Monti, posted by Daniela Ippolito, professor at the scuola dell’Arpa Viggianese:

Arpa Popolare Parte 1
Arpa Popolare Parte 2

I’d very much like to work up the music in the second video; the stuff in the first one is far too hard, and I think it’s two harps!

L’Italia che Risuona — a short film about Lucanian folk music narrated by Ambrogio Sparagna
Viaggio in Basilicata — another such film promoting Basilicata via its folk music
Zampogna: The soul of southern Italy — a documentary film in English on the Italian bagpipes, put on YouTube by the producer, so you don’t have to feel bad about watching it
Con l’arpa popolare, Viggiano non è solo petrolio (With the folk harp, Viggiano’s not just oil) — a spotlight on the School of the Viggianese Harp. In Italian, but worth a watch if you can muddle through the language. Heartening to see youngsters learning about it and studying it, and for years at a time!

An hour-long presentation on the Arpa Viggianese by Daniela Ippolito — in Italian, but worth watching for the pieces she plays, all sprightly and beautiful, most in dotted 6/8

Rassegna dell’Arpa Viggianese 2015
Parte 1

Rassegna dell’Arpa Viggianese 2013, posted by Nicola Fruguglietti, who is in charge of tourism in the area:
Parte 1 | Parte 2 | Parte 3 | Parte 4

Rassegna dell’Arpa Viggianese 2012:
Parte 1 | Parte 2 | Parte 3 | Parte 4

Rassegna dell’Arpa Viggianese 2011:
Parte 1 | Parte 2 | Parte 3 | Parte 4 | Parte 5 | Parte 6

Rassegna dell’Arpa Viggianese 2010:
Parte 1 | Parte 2 | Parte 3 | Parte 4 | Parte 5 | Parte 6

Liuteria Ierardi — Ierardi and Son luthiers, makers of Viggianese folk harps
More about Liuteria Ierardi

Performance by Luigi Milano and Graziano Accinni on guitar — Milano is sort of the “Tommy Jarrell” of the arpa viggianese
Spotlight on Luigi Milano
A television spot about Daniela Ippolito and Luigi Milano

Musical Migrants: Pictures and Stories from the Lucanian Community in Melbourne — from an Australian Italian Historical Society Journal, a wonderful read!

Arpa Viggianese Museo Virtuale — wonderful online exhibit about the Viggianese harp, all in Italian, but if you are familiar with another Romance language, you can bash your way through.


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