“Vaga Luna” — final form!

Vaga Luna (final form)

The lever flips in measures 11 and 13 should be taken with the right hand. The one in measure 17 should be taken with the left and the two chords in the bass staff taken with the right.

It took a while for me to get to this point, but here is the final version, with the coda. I am alternating between this and the little C minor etude I wrote, and I hope at some point to upload a soundfile of myself. Perhaps I will upload video at some point, but I’m uncertain of that. We’ll see. I’m unwilling to upload anything until I get this to the point where I’m content to let other people hear/see it, which may take a while since I’m antsy about that sort of thing.

This is all very wonderful. 🙂 I’m still sort of shocked at the fact that I’m doing this. I think that having watched Layne’s videos compulsively to the point where I can quote from most of them (tone of voice included) for 18 months before purchasing my harp has helped tremendously, as well as being a natural obsessive — and a few other neurological oddities that need not be mentioned here.


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