A wee callus

On the left hand fourth finger at last! It never seriously hurt, but it would complain slightly as time went on, especially as I started using it more with the thick bass wires. It’s ever so vaguely sore, but I can feel a thickening.

I’ve been fortunate, I think. I’m feeling subtle callus development over time, but no blisters, no serious soreness. And I’m playing quite a good amount each day too, for a beginner.

I also discovered what I’m calling the “flamenco chord progression” this morning, and had my first serious moment of pedal harp envy when I realized that I wanted to be able to get rid of a Bb on the turnaround. Happily, I know enough theory to be able to underline the G7 anyhow, but still, it’d be nice to be able to clear off that flat while still playing.

I’m also finding that a lot of American Christmas carols require more accidentals than one would think. I suppose that’s not a total surprise; the US didn’t get off the ground culturally until the piano had been invented and became the dominant home music machine, and modulation on that is pretty much nothing. Most popular songs written in the US were meant to be played on that.

The thing is just fun as all get out.


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