Somewhat bummed but still working

Italian folk music is hard, and I’m a rank newbie. đŸ˜¦

This means that I’m working on “Bleak Midwinter” and finding it easier than “Tu scendi,” which is bothersome to me, but as long as I’m improving in some way, shape, or form, I suppose that I’ll be playing the music I want to play eventually. But Italian harp music is mostly dance music, which means it’s fast. The whole point of a typical tarantella is that it speeds up as it goes, and even “Tu scendi” is really rather sprightly for a carol.

I am finding that my arrangement of “Bleak Midwinter” will involve more than a little bit of swapping notes between hands. I love that that’s possible on the harp. It’s not really done on the piano since the hands are not often too near one another, and if they are, then working them one over the other is challenging. The harp is made for that sort of thing, though.

Good news is that I think I can fit in that lever flip that will give me the C#, which is nice.

I also have to start sitting with the harp straighter out from me as well, instead of leaning over to my left to look at it as I do. I know that’s not quite kosher, so I want to make sure I stop doing it. It hurts my back and negatively impacts my right hand.


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