More on “Bleak Midwinter”

This one’s got some crossing-under stuff going on in the left hand as well as more than a few instances of swapping notes between hands to facilitate playing it as I want it played. I’m thrilled that this is a possibility on the harp.

The crossing-under stuff that’s going on reminds me ever so slightly of (what I’ve heard of) the second Bochsa etude (which I can’t even play, so don’t get that impression), where the left hand pattern does something similar. It’s disorienting and takes concentration, but it can be done.

There is also the C# in measure 21 that needs to be muffled as the A is played; it was just played before and still has a finger hovering over it, so that won’t present any problems. It’s a half-step off of the resolution, so letting it ring through is icky.

Anyhow, I really do like this arrangement that I made up. 🙂 There’s no tempo marking better than “andante cantabile” to relax your mind.


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