Still a little harp in the mornings

I could sit behind that thing all day. *happy sigh* I want to put lights on it for the holidays, but I don’t know how to stick them there without tape or something else I don’t want to use.

I’m also happy to report that my fourth fingers are doing okay, and that I haven’t formed a single blister that I can see. I’ve been playing/practicing for decent amounts each day and weekend, too. My fingertips are slightly tougher on the radial side than they used to be, but that’s about it, so that’s nice. I imagine if I were a conservatory kid, they would toughen up further, but for the moment, they are doing nicely. I have been concerned that callus formation would interfere with the piano, but not only do I seem not to play piano much currently, they wouldn’t interfere if I did. 🙂


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