“Tu scendi dalle stelle” — needs something more

It’s a short little carol; the biggest challenge for me is that one uses all four fingers in the left hand in an ascending arpeggio. It’s awkward, and it’s hard not to have my middle finger creep upward over time since my fourth is significantly shorter than it. For all I know, that is how I should be doing it. I’ll continue to do so for now, but I am always thinking about maintaining that “flipper” hand.

The carol itself is just very short, though. I need to see if I can’t do something with it, make a little variation by putting it into the relative minor or something … just do a little fantasy on it after playing it. I don’t have the chops to do much more.

However, I do have to be able to play it first and without buzzing which is a challenge given that all four left-hand fingers are going, and on the bass strings. I can see why Sylvia Woods put all of her carols in G Major. On a harp like mine, that’s a nice key to give you some bass oomph while keeping you off of the most violently vibrating strings.


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