No practice this morning

Bit o’ stress at work, but I’m still happy as a peach to have rolled chords last night — and real rolls, not just uneven medium-speed arpeggios. Like I said, it’s a new technique for me and I haven’t gotten control of the brakes or steering just yet, but once it’s there I can improve on it, so I’m thrilled. 🙂 I’m trying to do it while embedding how it feels physically to do it, just connecting with my hands from the inside out. I want to know how it feels to do it right deeply, so that I can recognize when I’m about to do it wrong before I do it, and without having to look at the strings.

(I almost wrote “look at the keys” there. Psyche!)

I still need to figure out how to buzz less on “Tu scendi,” though. 😦 I can’t use the “knuckle-muffle” trick, though. I need to just reach past the strings, maybe reach a little below the midpoint or press the strings out of the way when I reach for them.


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