R-r-r-r-r-rolling along …

I can roll chords better with my left hand, which is not a surprise. The right is just harder to manage, and at least the left will probably be doing that more often since it’s more of a bass-accompaniment sort of thing anyway. Of course, it does show up in the right hand and melodically on the harp of all instruments, but more often in the left, so if I have to be better at it with one hand, better it’s that one.

It’s still not soaked in yet, though. I can do it well, but the minute I have to do it while playing with the right hand, and while concerned about the timing (timing the end of the roll with a note in the right hand), it gets far worse. That’s not a surprise though; that’s usually how things go when one is starting out. A bit more time in the shed should settle it out at least a little, and then I’ll have a nice harpy way to decorate just about any melody, which will be great.

I’m also finding it hard to get any really good volume out of my right hand as well; I think that’s because there are just shorter, thinner strings up there though, not for any other reason. My right thumb though does continue to be a bit of a wimp.


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