Continuing to plunk away …

With the holidays coming up, it’s hard to keep going, but it will wait until things settle down in a few weeks. In the meantime, I continue to plink away on the harp, and also have gotten stubborn and decided to try and work out as much of “La Source” as I can on the piano. It’s slower and requires some sostenuto, but overall, it’s not bad. A few challenging reaches, but it’s not bad. Being precise with the sostenuto is the most difficult part, because it really does have to go down exactly with the octaves in left hand. It catches the first 32nd note in the right as well, but that’s not a huge problem. It’s heavy on the piano, not as airy as on the harp, but part of that is just me and my insufficiently lightweight touch. I tend to run the dynamic gamut from mf to ff.

Harp-wise, I’m simply working with easy pieces and arpeggios, and focusing on positioning.


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