I need to get back to doing arpeggios in the morning, which I haven’t been doing since getting back. I either go right into something I’m arranging or working on, or I don’t play. I’ve been doing this for a little over two months, for pete’s sake! I am nowhere near at a level where I can do that or should expect to be able to do that.

In all honestly, one is never at that level. When you lose sight of maintenance of the fundamentals, things start unraveling very quickly. Nevertheless, at the piano, I do feel more solid in terms of where I am since I’ve done it for so long and started as a kid. At the harp, when I’m still at the “how do I hold my right thumb again?” stage, I have no business flying right into whatever shiny thing has attracted me just yet. I really do have to just do arpeggios in the mornings come hell or high water.


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