You know …

… this blog is called the Italian Folk Harp, not the classical harp. I wish I didn’t have so much to learn before I felt able to approach Italian folk music. It’s just so blasted hard! All 6/8, all with fussy repeated notes in the treble … Here I am arranging Rachmaninoff songs, and I couldn’t get “Tu Scendi dalle Stelle” to sound good enough to video. *sigh*

Well, I do want to be able to roll chords up and down synchronizing with left-hand arpeggios up and down. I mean, I am still at the “accumulating technique” stage of things, for pete’s sake. Deep in that stage, and for a long time to come. But I really need to stop avoiding doing some repeated-note work in the right hand, and Alberti bass patterns. They are surprisingly hard; anything involving a change of direction where you can’t really pre-place in the left hand is hard. *sigh #2*


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