I need to work on one thing at a time.

I think that’s the good thing about a (good) teacher: they can keep you from getting lost in the blizzard of Things I Need To Get Down. I have to learn to roll chords where it doesn’t just sound like I’m throwing a handful of beans at the harp. I need to know how to roll down (eventually). I need to be able to use my fourth finger on my right hand (eventually, although I can get away without it for longer). I need to get my right thumb under control, because right now the tone on that finger is not very good; it’s either too loud and acrid or too soft and whispery. In string terms, it’s either sul ponticello or sul tasto, but I can’t manage to get it over the sweet spot.

But … well, of course I need to learn all of these things and can’t do them now. I only got the harp the beginning of last November, for pete’s sake. It’s very easy to be nibbled to death by ducks when you start on an instrument. I just need to take it duck by duck. I think the first duck I need to get under control is the right thumb.


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