Okay, so the chords for those four measures are …

And keep in mind that these are a whole step up from Chopin’s original:

  1. Cm / Cm
  2. FM / [G,C]
  3. [FM, Gnat] / [F#, Anat, Cnat](dim)
  4. GM / Bb7

Now, for what lever flips should be needed. By the time I enter this part, I’ve got two Anats and a Bnat below middle C.

  1. [No flips / no flips].
  2. [No flips / no flips], especially with those two Anats still there.
  3. [No flips / might need an F#].
  4. Need to get rid of the low Bnat before this part, at least before the second half.

Even the F# in the third measure might not be needed. I left one out earlier on and … well, it’s not a catastrophic loss even though it’s not quite right. I’ll see how it sounds when I get home tonight.


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