So the Chopin thing is pretty much done. He’s a lot less irritating when I get to play around with him than when I’m forced to worship him note for note.

I also discovered that throwing levers mid-piece on the wound strings is not a fun thing. There’s always an audible scraping, and it takes some oomph to manage it. Oh, it’s not an Olympic clean-and-jerk or anything, but it does take a bit of a push against the weight of the harp. It makes me wonder how one would do it on one of the ultralight CF harps. I have no prejudice against them; CF instruments are magnificent sounding and a wonderful application of modern technology. I’m not the sort to treat instruments as tablets from the mountain that must not be heretically altered. But sometimes I find myself using the weight of the thing as a stabilizing force, and I wonder how one’s technique would change if that weren’t the case.

So anyhow, there’s that finished.


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