Practicing in the mornings

I seem to be doing it more lately, for a variety of reasons. However, I’m not doing it the way I used to do it, where I would get up, take a shower and get cleaned up, get dressed, and then sit behind the harp for a bit before leaving for work.

Instead, I seem to do best when I just get up, go right to the harp first thing (still stinky, disheveled, and a little bleary-eyed), and only after about five or ten minutes of that, do I get up and head to the bathroom to get ready. A strange little rhythm, but not bad. It feels nice actually, to just sit there and focus on the harp. I think that some part of me feels as if I’m already in the workday frame of mind when I’m getting ready, and leaving the harp behind a bit. If I’m to play the harp in the mornings, I need to still be me-me and not have initiated the process by which I turn into working-me.


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