I must admit

There are times when the harp really ticks me off. The piano — especially a high-quality digital — is essentially the perfect instrument. It’s like a car. You sit down, turn it on, and it just goes. No popping the hood, no niggling and pleading, no whipping out wrenches to convince it to behave. You just get in, and five minutes later, you’re where you wanted to be.

You can say that about no other instrument. And certainly not about the harp.

Anyway, I am currently this far from coming to the inevitable if annoyed conclusion that the digital piano is the only instrument I’m willing to invest any damned time in because it is the only one that is a correctly designed mechanism that just works. If you have to constantly wheedle and plead with it to get it to behave itself, it’s a poorly functioning and poorly designed device.

Seriously. I will feel better at some point in the future, but right now, I am not convinced why anyone should play anything but a digital piano. I see no more reason to profess love for an instrument that won’t behave itself any more than for my old car with a bum throttle that needed to be cranked like crazy to start in the mornings.


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