And the next one: Hildegard of Bingen

“O Ignis Spiritus Paracliti” seems to work well and have a distinct n/8 beat that I can mess with and get down at least in vague terms.

The lyrics are straightforward, however the score is not.

(The actual score itself is in the typical notation of the time, and the piece in question is on page 15 of the PDF.)

I think my best option is to meter out each individual line of each verse and then fill them in, as each of them seems to have a distinct pattern. That should work decently. I know that the notation that I use every day of my life was born of this stuff, but damn it is not intuitive. I feel like I’m reading “Beowulf.” Sure, it’s where my language began, but it’s certainly gone its own way since then, hasn’t it?

I’m certainly not aiming for anything “HIP” or that adheres to period practice in any way. And I’m a little irked that she wrote it in four flats when I’m going to arrange it for lever harp, but I guess it will require tuning the Ds flat. 😦

At any rate, it should be interesting to get to this one later. We’ll see what happens after I clear “Dove sei?” off my plate.

Update: A-ha! It’s either not in 4 flats or else there is no strict reason to sing it in one key, because I just ran into another version from my CD that isn’t in Fm. I now have justification for putting it in Cm, which will keep me from having to set my Ds flat!


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