I go in spurts.

Sometimes I’m on the piano so much that I fall asleep thinking about it. Sometimes I can’t put the crochet hook down for love or money. (I can’t recall the last time I knitted.) And sometimes I am at the harp more often that I’m anywhere else.

Right now, it’s a combination of crochet and harp, and the poor piano has been sorely neglected for at least the last three weeks, and I don’t know why. I get angsty about this sort of thing when it happens. I’ve been doing mostly just exercises on the harp and have been happy to do so, including some ridiculous ones like attempting a four-fingered trill just for the hell of it. I’ll need to trill at some point, and I might as well start now. But mostly, it’s four-fingered turnarounds and Friou exercises, so that’s nice.

I’m really looking forward to someday having enough technique under me that I’ll feel like an actual harpist and be able to transcribe and play the Italian folk songs that were my initial motivation, before I tried a few and realized they were way too hard.


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