Yes, I’m still here.

And still playing. I’ve managed to get a good four-fingered scale going, if a slow one, ascending, which is something I despaired of ever obtaining.

I’m also still poking around with a four-fingered trill, and am pleased to discover that as slow as it is, it’s easier for me in my left hand, which should impress people if I ever decide to take the thing out for a spin where people can hear.

Deborah Friou’s exercises remain a staple for me, as do my own arrangements. And I can sense things getting faster, smoother, and easier to manage even if I’m still nowhere near where I’d like to be.

It’s been an extremely unpleasant few months, culminating in pretty much a horrible June. I’ve had very little opportunity to play. I’ve been able to scrape up more time recently, and have found it very pleasant to focus down on something so specific and immediate.

I do love the harp. I haven’t been in the piano much at all, which I find disturbing, but … well, it is what it is.

At any rate, I’m still around.


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