What Comes Naturally

I’ve just been mulling over the nature of the thoughts that might arise in our heads naturally, and those that we each seem to be allergic or even entirely blind to. And we’re all allergic to different ones — thoughts that feel so alien and wrong to each of us that we can’t even seem to let them into our heads.

I’m not talking about thoughts like, “How can you not tell that Donald Trump is a crazy fascist?” I’m talking about the more pedestrian and value-neutral life-habit oriented ones that I’ve noticed sit well in my head but that seem not to sit well in others.

I began noticing these when I realized that there were people who couldn’t hear, “I like that,” as anything other than, “I want that right now.” Oddly enough, it started with food. I began to realize that there were fundamental differences in how different people’s brains operated when I would see, for example, a brownie sundae on a menu after a full meal at a restaurant and say, “That looks great,” and a meal companion of mine would be incapable of grasping that that did not mean that I wanted it. I’ve had some strange experiences of saying that that ended with real incomprehension in other people’s eyes: “That looks great.”

“So you want it then.”

“No, I’m full.”

(turns to waitress) “She wants the brownie sundae.”

“No, I don’t want it. I’m full.”

“You said you wanted it.”

“No, I just said it looked good. I don’t want it, though.”

This would be followed by a truly uncomprehending expression on the other person’s face, as if this whole approach to the universe — like != want — was just not computing for them.

It extended beyond food, though. “I like those shoes,” would often result in incomprehension because the other person was convinced I had said, “I want those shoes.”

This made me wonder what other people might have been saying to me that wasn’t making it through to my brain, of course. What approaches to life were floating around out there, self-evident to their owners and perhaps valuable, that were not making it through to my own head?

Again, I’m not just talking about woo-woo spacey stuff here — I’m talking about truly useful and logically defensible approaches to life here, not provably incorrect new-age junk like why Heather-Moonchild Granola thinks that vaccines will kill her child and that homeopathy is real.

I’m talking about things like what ways of looking at the world allow people to start businesses or perform on stage with some success. (Or even other mooshier things like conducting interpersonal relationships.) Ways of looking at the world and approaching it that result in good leadership skills or simply getting more useful things done in life.

It’s an interesting idea. I should think more upon this to see what logical and valuable approaches there are to the world and the information in it that are just passing through my awareness like so much smoke.

This has little to do with the harp, I know. Just trust me that I’m still doing harpy things. 🙂


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