And that part’s done.

The rhythm is put into MuseScore — 37 of the weirdest measures I’ve ever put down. I’ve never been a fan of excessively weird music, but now I’ve actually wrestled with time signatures like 17/8 that change every measure.

Now, I listen and yank the notes around to the correct pitches now that they have been given the proper durations. Then, I sit by my harp, tune my Ds flat, and start picking out harmonizations, thus destroying any chance I ever had of period/early music cred. 🙂

When this is done, I’d like to try “O Euchari in leta via ambulasti,” which is sort of her Billboard number one hit, and then see if I can’t noodle with a few more and maybe publish. We’ll see how it goes. I think there should be a cultural intersection between the kind of women who buy lever harps and the kind of women who think Hildegard of Bingen is cool, so hopefully someone other than I might find this interesting.

I’ll need to note in the music that, aside from the occasional “pickup” notes, that the measures might best be played as if they are triplets, with groups of notes that total a dotted quarter to be considered a sort of basic unit.


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