Notes and lyrics placed

Lyrics taken from here, which took them from someplace else, so that’s fine with me and I can cite the original source of Symphonia et Ordo Virtutum.

Now, I listen to it a bunch and see what I can do with the harp’s left hand to try to put some bare accompaniment or harmony under this. This process shouldn’t be impossible as it would be with most old plainchant, since Hildegard’s work is a bit more amenable to harmony.

Then, I start in on “O Euchari” and see what else I can scare up, maybe “O virga ac diadema” or “Frondens virga.” I think if I do the last two though, I should make it part of a series on the Marian antiphons she did: do one, do all.

It might be interesting as well to try to familiarize myself at least a little with the neumes (a word that I’ve been pronouncing incorrectly as /noymz/ but which should be pronounced as /nyoomz/ according to That way, I can remove a layer between myself and the primary source material; I’m currently doing this by ear from the Oxford Camerata’s versions of these, which are great but I don’t know if the triplet rhythm is natural for the music or imposed by them for their own reasons.

Depends on how much time I can devote to it, though. There are only so many hours in the day, and while I don’t think money is everything, my landlord sure seems to.


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