Okay, so there we have it.

My Salvi Daphne 40

So there we go, then. And this is a very different instrument. There must be a point where a harpist switches to a pedal harp, even a small one, and suddenly realizes that they can’t actually play “the harp,” they can play their harp — and only their harp. I think it’s a bit like taking a foreign language class, doing well, and thinking that you can speak it when really, all you can do is understand your teacher.

The harp in my music room

I’m at that point. This is a radically different beast. It certainly sounds beautiful, and much richer, but the pedals change everything. Even the hand position has to change, because the location of the action below the neck takes out a lot of string “real estate,” and suddenly I’m much more constrained in how I can approach the strings. Even the feel of gut under my fingers is different, although this only has an octave and a half of gut on it (which pleases me since gut is unstable in pitch).

But I’m thrilled with it. 🙂 I can’t wait to get to the point where I can at least play a titch of something. For now though, it’s mostly Friou exercises with the slightest hint of “Vaga luna,” which only has one pedal change in it.

BTW, you have no idea how fun the Friou exercises are in freygische. 🙂


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