Scale breakthrough

Okay, so I’ve had what appears to be a minor breakthrough in ascending scales, thanks to compulsively staring at the hands of a harp teacher named Anne Sullivan on YouTube while she did a little video on scales. I noticed that she didn’t cross under with all three fingers after playing the thumb, and that she did not hold her hand in the “fingers pointing downward” style that Josh Layne uses — which works for him, but his relative finger lengths are male. (Shorter index finger than ring finger. For most women, including me, it’s the other way around, and that technique won’t work. I think this is why so many women harpists always say that they use a “modified” Grandjany or a “modified” Salzedo technique. Our hands have more juice in the index finger than the ring, which is the other way around from most men.)

At any rate, I’m feeling a lot better in ascending scales, which I couldn’t do to save my life before. Now, it’s just a matter of practicing, because while I may have had a breakthrough, it’s still very fragile and easily crumbled since … well, I only had it last night. It’s going to take a while before it hardens into place enough that I can stop thinking about every single detail every time I do it. (How far ahead to push my index finger out of the way, to curl my thumb over the first joint, to keep my elbow up, to relax, etc. etc. etc.)


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