Continuing with scales

So I’m continuing to do work on the right hand scales, and have realized that they help a lot with rolling chords and dynamics as well, since I’m holding my hand properly now.

I’ve also begun trying to find the best way to manage scales in the left hand. The cross-under is still unpleasant; I don’t find my hand to feel stable when I use my thumb after the cross-under. I’ll continue to work on it, but I sense some progress, so that’s nice.

Now, I need to start practicing the pieces I arranged on the lever harp with this new hand position/technique in place, so that I stop playing scales correctly and then reverting to crappy technique on these pieces.

And next week, I have a Skype meeting with Anne Sullivan to see how we feel with one another, and what she might be able to do to get some decent technique into me (scales, etudes, etc. are what I’m hoping for).

Maybe I can try that Bochsa etude that I like so much, the one in G minor …


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