Getting a teacher

So I’ve opted to look into getting a proper teacher. Moving from the Ravenna 34 to the Daphne 40 really hit home that I didn’t play “the harp” so much as just my own particular harp. I contacted a very nice woman named Anne Sullivan who sounded me out a bit and then forwarded me to an ex-student of hers named Candace Lark, which is a wonderful name for a musician. I’ll be meeting with her on April 27th at 7pm so that we can sit and talk a bit and see if my goal/learning style and her teaching style mesh well. I’ve realized that my best way of learning is just to watch the other person’s hands; I can listen and read fine, but I really do need to just see it done, partly to convince myself that it can be done and partly to see how.

This is what used to drive me bats when my old viola teacher would bring his violin to lessons with me. Dude, watching you demonstrate something on what amounts to a Barbie Viola doesn’t help me figure out how to do it without turning myself into knots.

This is also part of why I opted for a female teacher. I know that men’s and women’s relative finger lengths are very different, and I’ve already got a boatload of pianist insecurities about the size of my fourth (and fifth) fingers. I need to see someone with similar relative finger lengths actually doing something in order to convince myself that I can do it.


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