Stick to your time signature.

Or at least warn me when you change it.

My teacher assigned me the exercise in the Friou book on page 81, which is notated in 3/4. I could not make heads nor tails of it. It struck me as a random concatenation of notes somewhat like bebop, where it sounds as if someone had a mouthful of 16th notes and sneezed into a trumpet.

Then, I decided to put it in MuseScore and listen to it until it made sense to me.

That’s when I realized that there are four measures in the middle of it that are basically in 4/4.

So I stuck the new time signature over those measures, and now I can make sense of the thing, and look forward to practicing it. Doing that even got rid of some ridiculous cross-measure ties that made no sense to me.

I kept trying to count it as a waltz in my head while playing it, and those four measures just aren’t a waltz.

Problem solved.

Here’s the PDF for those who are curious: Friou Exercise pg81


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