Buying the Daphne

You know, when I first saw that little Daphne at the VA Harp Center website, I noticed it because of its relatively low cost, but it wasn’t until later that I realized that this was pretty much my one and only chance to own a pedal harp. It cost $6,950 total — structurally sound but well-used, with a dinged finish and only 40 strings.

It wasn’t until maybe a few weeks after I spotted it that I realized that I would never again find a pedal harp for under $7,000 and that I either bought this one, or I’d lose what was probably my only chance to own a pedal harp. I distinctly remember coming to that realization while I was lying in bed: “This is it: now or never. You get this one, or you don’t get one at all.” In that moment, I decided to buy it.

But even though it was a (relative) bargain, that is still a frightening amount of money to spend on any one object. And I’m semi-relieved and quite pleased that I’ve really taken to it and enjoy spending time with it. (There really is a lot of pleasure to be found in being right up against the sound.) It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a musical instrument, but it’s (nearly) the most certain I’ve been that buying it was a good idea.


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