Hit the end of the Bochsa #2

Now I didn’t really hit it. It was more of a glancing blow. I want to stay on it for another two weeks so I can really nail it down and feel like I have my feet under me, but nevertheless I’ve managed to get to the end, and I’m really happy with it. It’s a pretty piece, very lyrical, and I can feel it doing good things to my right hand.



Either I’ve got the pedals set wrong, or there’s a wee bit of a booger smack in the middle of this Bochsa etude that I really don’t care for.

Got my Bochsa Etudes

They came — fifty of the things. It should be fun to see if I can’t work through a few of the less digitally challenging ones and employ Taubman-style forearm rotation to make them more manageable. I definitely like #2, so I might start with that one.

Update: Yup — #2 is definitely pretty. 🙂 I’m having a hard time settling on one way to do the left hand, though. I sort of have to force myself to do it the right way, but that really is best since it involves the least amount of thought and the most brain left over to pay mind to other things.