Thumb slide extravaganza!

I must say, I’m seriously stepping up my Callus Game on this piece of music the way I’m playing it. My right thumb is going to look like a bass player’s thumb in short order, but not only is this way of playing more comfortable/less painful tendon-wise, it also sounds way better because there are fewer stopped strings due to finger placement.

And my Callus Game could use a little up-steppage anyway. My fingertips will get over their snit. If my tendons get in a snit, they could ruin my life.



My fingers are stinging! 😦 It’s tuned up and behaving though, so that’s nice.

No pain!

I have an honest-to-God harp callus on the 4th finger of my left hand, finally. Not obvious, and nothing that gets in the way of the piano by any means whatsoever.

But it’s there. And as a result, I can now play the harp for as long as I want finally without any fingertip discomfort.

BTW, “callus” = a thickened layer of skin. “Callous” = heedless of others’ feelings. 🙂

I feel like I’m actually becoming a bit of a harp player. Of course, I only know three pieces: “Vaga Luna,” “Bleak Midwinter,” and “Zdes’ Khorosho.” They’re nice ones, though. And I’m starting on bona fide exercises, too! I have so much to learn, but I’m really enjoying myself.

I’m also beginning to wonder if I really do want a teacher. I’m afraid that I’ve participated in too many online forums, and it seems that teachers are always complaining about how horribly awful all of their self-taught and transfer students are. It may be due to the fact that complaints are always more numerous (and entertaining) online, but it never seems to be the case that an unfamiliar student comes to a teacher and the result is:

  • “Well, your bow hold is fine. I really don’t see anything to change about it right now.”
  • “Your wrists and posture look pretty good to me. Let’s move on.”
  • “I don’t really see any major embouchure problems at all at this point.”

It always seems to be flailing about how:

  • the person’s bow hold is completely screwed up, that other teacher must have been totally incompetent,
  • my god, you wouldn’t believe what their wrists look like when they play, I’ve never seen so much wrong in my life, or
  • it’s a wonder their entire face hasn’t fallen off and decomposed from the way they play.

They say this about transfer students in addition to the self-taughts, which is what makes me suspicious. I mean, every other teacher in the world can’t be a gross incompetent. A lot of it just seems to be the new teacher not liking the fact that, having come from outside, the student simply doesn’t smell like them yet.

I’m not that crazy about getting into a psychology that I’m a bit suspicious of. I’m enjoying myself at the moment, and I’m fairly happy with the situation as it is.