So I’m pleased.

It’s not fantastic, it’s nothing special, and I didn’t tune beforehand so there are a few flatties. But damn it, it’s an Italian folk song, at least — and one that my mom remembers her grandmother singing.

Tu scendi dalle stelle

I’m going to work on a few more simple variations as well, and then upload that sheet.


Transcriptions of Italian folk harp melodies

I’ve been mulling this for a bit — I was able to pull some transcriptions of folk harp tunes from performances on YouTube. Now, these are folk music pieces, so I can make an argument that they are public domain, and that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with making the transcriptions available.

But, they were performed by a particular person (Daniela Ippolito), and while the tunes are public domain, her particular performance of them might not be (and probably isn’t).

I wish I knew what the rules were for this sort of thing. I’ve got about four little pieces (three tarantelle and one waltz) done, and I don’t know the protocol for sharing them.

I should actually just make my own arrangements of them, but Ippolito’s playing is pretty much the ideal for how they would be played to sound their best.

Oy. So I remain sharing only my own personal arrangements of existing pieces in the public domain. *sigh*