I’d still like to do this at some point, but after bumbling around with the first few measures — and I saw this coming, because I love to play it on the piano — I had to confront the fact that every measure will be its own little pedaling project. We’re back to five fingers on each hand, only two of the fingers are at the ends of our legs.

It’ll be a while before this gets off the ground, though. And I’m not sure how much arranging it will take, really. It may be pretty harp-friendly as arranged for the piano by the composer already.

I do get the feeling though that it will be the sort of thing where I’ll be happy not to use that 3-4 combination that vexes me, but I’ll also be happy that I can reach an 11th in one hand as a flat chord. Grieg’s piano work has a lot of that sort of thing in it.

Eventually. For now though, I’m happily wallowing in Haendel’s universe. 🙂


The Grieg elegiac melodies

Holy crickets, these things may require a cross-strung.  Or five feet.  They are definitely pedal-harp pieces, at the very least, but even that may not be enough.  I used to be able to play them on the piano, but I forgot how chromatic they were.