Oh. My. Back.

I have this little problem. I really love Hasselmans’ “La Source,” but I haven’t a pedal harp nor any chance of getting one any time soon.

So I’ve been … um … doing it on the piano. With the exception of a few little instances where I need to toss my left thumb up to pinch hit for an ugly reach in the right hand, and once instance of replacing a repeated B natural with the F beneath it to make a G7, it works okay. Well, at least it works such that I can envision a far better pianist than myself making it work on a piano while I can’t keep it from sounding like a herd of elephants on a piano and hence use the vibraphone synth — the one and only time I’ve ever used my Clavinova as anything other than a piano replacement.

And I can’t seem to stop messing with it to the point where every time I noodle out another page, I demolish my lower back because I can’t get up off the bench. I’m seriously glued there. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to do this, much less to do it on an instrument that it wasn’t designed for. It makes me feel so obnoxiously iconoclastic.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying myself with the harp, and with harp music on the piano.

There are definitely issues, mostly revolving around the reversal of the anatomy of the right hand relative to the chords, but again, the left thumb can pinch hit from time to time when needed.