“Zdes’ Khorosho” on Vimeo

And here you go — not happy with the fact that the top F in the first chord isn’t as clear as I want it to be, but overall, not bad:

Zdes’ Khorosho (“How Peaceful Here,” arr. Janis Cortese)


“In the Bleak Midwinter” — video

In the Bleak Midwinter (arr. by me)

A few blips and one major instance of forgetfulness, but otherwise not bad at all. There are a few challenging bits in this for me, but overall it’s doable, and I should have it in decent shape in a few days or so. Very happy with it! 🙂

I’ve also noticed that indeed the only time I collapse the third finger knuckle is when the fourth is placed with it, and well … so be it.

After I get it in good shape, I want to then return to “Vaga Luna” and make sure it hasn’t unraveled completely. I don’t want to be able to play only whatever is top of the stack at the moment.

Next up, I will learn at least one leisurely tarantella if it kills me, and it may. “Tu scendi” or die trying.