Tarting up Rachmaninoff

He’s not the kind of person you’d associate with barfly-red lipstick and false eyelashes, but I had to fancy up my version of “Zdes’ Khorosho.” I don’t think I overdid it only because my technique wouldn’t allow me to go too far.

So now, I’m trying to connect a bit more with “Vocalise,” which is pretty but can start to feel like it’s wandering after a while. He’s also got one called “Do You Remember This Evening?” that’s very nice, but I can’t track down the sheet music for it. I know his stuff is right on the edge of what’s PD and what’s not, so it might not be PD.

I figure if I can do “Zdes’ Khorosho,” the “Vocalise,” and three more songs for voice and piano, I will have a nice little collection that may be suitable for publication, although I want to make sure that it’s got all the information in it that a harpist is expecting to find: pedaling notes if needed, notes about how to play the harmonics (where written, even if doing that turns sheet music into tab and hence is philosophically offensive to me), and anything else that a typical harpist expects to see in their sheet music. I’m so glad my teacher agreed to keep me on as a student, because I definitely need the discipline of preparing things for someone on a deadline, and I absolutely need her expertise on how to get a publication out into the world.