The Vocalise!

Jeez, I should have figured that one first — the Vocalise! There’ll be a way to work that one out. ­čÖé

Seems to be in four sharps. I’ll see if it works out better to drop it a half-step and put it in three flats. There seem to be more sharp accidentals in it than otherwise, and it probably won’t be doable in the original key.

Also, I’m finding that I’m getting tired of getting yelled at by baritones and even tenors. In an artistic sense, there is a lot to be said for singing quietly.



Invariably, the piece I like the best so far is the one I can’t find sheet music for at IMSLP, and with Rachmaninoff, you really do want the music. Oy. Oh, well. Of course, I need to see if I need to mess with these to make them work, but we’ll see how that goes.

So far, I’m pleased with “Do you remember the evening?” and “My child, your beauty is that of a flower.” (Op. 8, No.2)

“I fell in love, to my sorrow.” (Op. 8, No. 4)

Done the piano project, ordered the Rachmaninoff CDs

I still have to typeset the Haendel project, but the music is done at least. And the Rach songs for voice and piano are on their way. Now, I listen to them, decide which ones catch my ear, and start the process of setting them up for lever harp.

I think I’d like to offer these up for sale and see what happens. The first one was free, and it’ll be neat to publish.

Been a better couple of days

Although I will still feel better when I get the Haendel project out of the way. I need to finally buy those Rachmaninoff CDs and at least have them on the way.

And I need to knuckle down and just start ruminating on the last of the Haendel arrangements. I haven’t even picked a genre yet.

Well, I shouldn’t complain.

My car DID have 93 grand on it, so it was a matter of time.  Nevertheless, it is irritating.

Other than that, I do need to just sit down and tune up. ┬áI am at least seeing the end of the tunnel on the piano project that has been hanging over my head for some time, so that’s good, and then next on the block is the “Rachmaninoff songs for voice and piano, arranged for lever harp” project. ┬áThat’s going to be a fun one. ­čÖé