Muffling well

Some of this I’ve discovered already:

  • playing the A-C# in “Bleak Midwinter” and then placing on the C# again to quiet it
  • using the back of the knuckle to muffle things that you don’t want to buzz against

but in general this Josh Layne video on muffling in detail is a nice look at the various ways to make your Chiacchierone pipe down a bit in places. 🙂


I’m rolling chords!

I literally just clicked into this. I’m not sure why it suddenly gelled, and I’m quite sure that I don’t have any decent control over it yet, but I am thrilled to be able to make such a rich, quintessentially harplike sound. I plan to practice this until I’m sick of it, which may take some time because they really sound gorgeous. Whee!