A little variety

Every now and then when you’re playing Debussy over and over (and liking it), doing the Leopold Mozart trick with yourself to inch up the metronome, you need to cleanse your palate:

You Gotta Believe

It’s like the Italian trick of eating a slice of orange with a titch of olive oil and black pepper sprinkled over it between courses. It just refreshes.

And you know, I continue to be shocked at the effectiveness of the Mozart trick. I use two little ceramic dishes (which I bought in a San Diego antique store as “personal ashtrays for dinner guests,” which tells you about when they were made) and ten pennies instead of dried peas, but the way this whole trick forces me to focus is always a revelation for me.

I should just always do it, instead of doing it, having an epiphany about how great it is, stopping doing it, and then being re-shocked every few years when I haul out the ashtrays and pennies again to work over a sticky spot. Just keep doing it, woman. Hopefully, the fact that I am taking lessons and have an esteemed someone for whom I am expected to improve will help the “peas+metronome” epiphany stick for good this time.


“In the Bleak Midwinter” — video

In the Bleak Midwinter (arr. by me)

A few blips and one major instance of forgetfulness, but otherwise not bad at all. There are a few challenging bits in this for me, but overall it’s doable, and I should have it in decent shape in a few days or so. Very happy with it! 🙂

I’ve also noticed that indeed the only time I collapse the third finger knuckle is when the fourth is placed with it, and well … so be it.

After I get it in good shape, I want to then return to “Vaga Luna” and make sure it hasn’t unraveled completely. I don’t want to be able to play only whatever is top of the stack at the moment.

Next up, I will learn at least one leisurely tarantella if it kills me, and it may. “Tu scendi” or die trying.